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Robots for Expats
4th June
Prins27 Den Haag


Discover why 3,500 kids built our robot..

Build your own self-driving smart robot-buggy for beginners. No tooling required. In 3 hands-on lessons assemble the robot, program it, make it smart.

Prepare yourself to be a Super Mom or Dad, or just come together…..

What we will be doing:
– Assemble the robotbuggy.
– Use lights and sensors.
– Navigate an obstacle course,
– Avoid collisions
– Navigate a traffic jam in your robot car
– Send warning signals to other drivers
And much more..

Start :  4th June
Experience:  Beginners.
Min/Max: 10 participants per group
Where: Prins27, Prinsegracht 27 Den Haag van 15:00 – 16:30
Language: English and/or Nederlands
Price: €99 incl. materials

No experience required. No laptop required. All materials provided. Parents welcome in the lesson.

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